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Show 745 - Tiger Time

What should service workers be able to say to customers and we all accept?  We talk all things Tiger King 2!

Show 744 - Sexual Awakenings!

Chris has a state of the show announcement!  Real men go downtown!  Tiger King 2 ya'll!

Show 743 - Spite Show!

We did an extra Tuesday show for you guys.  It's official we are a Spite Podcast!

Show 742 - Moist and Delicious!

Kurt Fletcher from In the Wry Podcast joins us for a super extended fun episode of 10 Drink Minimum!

10 Drink Minimum - Election Special minisode

It's Election Tuesday so Chris does a special election day podcast!  Enjoy!

Show 741- Loss of interest

Chris's parents are in town!  There is a tragedy in NM Film. We lost a couple of chunks of the audio due to internet issues. 

Show 740 - Ready to Drink!

Chris Leurig from Safe house Distilling is back with us in the studio!  He has 3 new ready to drink craft cocktails for us to try!  

Show 739 - Funny Fiesta!!!!!

Sarah Kennedy is back to talk about Funny Fiesta 2021! Chris and Hollyanne got accosted! Smiley is no longer young.

Show 738 - The Train!

Chris has an out of this world time with a music legend!  Chris and Hollyanne dislike the Balloon Fiesta, Smiley likes it!

Show 737 - The Citizen Kane of Blank!

Chris and Holly got to hang out at a wedding reception! Smiley is kind of here! A woman is set on fire!

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