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10 Drink Minimum - The Storehouse NM and Bell’s Brewing 2.0!

On this weeks 10 Drink Minimum from The New Mexico Storehouse we have Swarupa Watlington, and from Bell's Brewing we have Silas Sims!  In New Mexico with every case of Bell's beer you buy it goes to buy meals for New Mexico families!  You can also use the QR code on any stand in a store that sells Bell's beer to donate directly!




Show 726 Back in the high life again 2.0

As we see the light at the end of the tunnel we are able to use the new 10 Drink Minimum Studios in Barelas!  Enjoy!

Show 725 - DC Tok!

Hollyanne and Smiley took the night off.  So Chris brought in a couple of heavy hitters to fill in!

Show 724 - Landall’s Box Office!

After watching The Last Blockbuster Chris was super nostalgic of the local video store of his youth.  We have Landall Goolsby on to talk about what it was like owning a video store in the era of streaming!

Show 723 - Never heard of it!

It's Oscar Sunday and there are a bunch of movies up for awards that we have never heard of!  Hollyanne doesn't have Covid and Chris tells us what he thinks of the new Mortal Kombat movie.

Show 722 - Lucky Boy!

Chris is in a sour mood.  We tell service industry war stories!  A couple of great Albuquerque landmarks are in the Army of the Dead trailer!  We start our segment on giving people really shitty advice!


#armyofthedead #podcast #luckyboy

Show 721 - Downtown Albuquerque News!

On this episode we have Peter Rice the creator of Downtown Albuquerque News!  


#podcastlife #abqdowntown #podcast

Show 720- Abandoned Pets!

It's Easters and someone has abandoned a pet at Holly's house.  They are legalizing weed in NM!  Chris has watched some great television!  #podcast, #beer, #abqpodcast, #podcastlifestyle

show 719 - The Billy Bellmont!

Our old compadre Billy Bellmont returns for a one off show!  Lots of all over the place greatness!  Enjoy!

Show 718 - Safehouse!

We have Chris Leurig from Safehouse Distilling on to make sense of these new alcohol laws!  Chris is maybe a cable guy? It's Jame's Birthday!  In the second hour someone gave us snacks from around the world to try!  #beerlife #podcastlifestyle #abqtrue #abqcraftbeer

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