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15 Years of 10 Drink Minimum!

It's finally ready for the masses!  We recorded this show in Chris's backyard next to the studio with an audience of friends.  Eric Carter-Landin was gracious enough to be the host of this mess.  We take you through some of our history the best we can with our alcohol couded memories.  The audio is not studio quality as it was a live show with an audience.  Sorry for the feedback sometimes.  But hey that is what live shows are about!



Show 730 - Unwritten Rules

Holly is away on maternity leave so we have Sarah Kennedy to fill in.  We talk changes to Downtown Albuquerque.  People that strive to be influencers. No one follows the unwritten rules of the bar!

Show 729 - Post ABQ Comic-con with Ming Chen

Another Comic-con is in the books and we have Ming Chen from A Shared Universe Podcast Studio on with us to discuss.  Chris Leurig from Safehouse Distilling is on board with some first class hooch! Enjoy!

Show 728 - Frozen Grapes!

Hollyanne is missing for the first hour, but makes it back for the wavy hour!  It's hot! Chris talks about his interview with Marty Crandall from the Shins.  Hollyanne is getting double body heat.

10 Drink Minimum- 20 Years of Oh Inverted World with Marty Crandall

June 19th, 2001 the album Oh inverted World dropped on the world, and it has been an album that has changed my life! Definitely in my top ten records and is constantly in the rotation of music that I listen to on a daily basis.  Sitting down with Marty was a joy and a privilege as we look back on where we were in that inverted world.  


Show 727 Helicopter Park!

We got a late start but once we do it's all down hill from there. Chris has a crazy interaction with the cops.  Holly goes to Pride on the Pitch!

10 Drink Minimum - The Storehouse NM and Bell’s Brewing 2.0!

On this weeks 10 Drink Minimum from The New Mexico Storehouse we have Swarupa Watlington, and from Bell's Brewing we have Silas Sims!  In New Mexico with every case of Bell's beer you buy it goes to buy meals for New Mexico families!  You can also use the QR code on any stand in a store that sells Bell's beer to donate directly!




Show 726 Back in the high life again 2.0

As we see the light at the end of the tunnel we are able to use the new 10 Drink Minimum Studios in Barelas!  Enjoy!

Show 725 - DC Tok!

Hollyanne and Smiley took the night off.  So Chris brought in a couple of heavy hitters to fill in!

Show 724 - Landall’s Box Office!

After watching The Last Blockbuster Chris was super nostalgic of the local video store of his youth.  We have Landall Goolsby on to talk about what it was like owning a video store in the era of streaming!

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