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Show 717 - Happy Birthday Hollyanne!

It's Hollyanne's Birthday! We have lots of fans in Nebraska!  New Mexico Liquor laws are changing! Is Golden pride better then the Frontier? 


#abqpodcast #podcastlifestyle #beer

Show 716 - Who was a D Bag to you?

Fellow BPG podcast Eric Carter-Landin fills in for Hollyanne this week.  We talk about terrible run ins with celebs!  Chris found a bad tasting seltzer! #podcastlife #shotgunseltzer #fartinacan

Show 715 - 8 percent

Hollyanne is not feeling so well.  Smiley and Chris hold down the ship.  Chris grills Smiley on what baffles him about average people.  We talk Army of the dead and who is still watching the Simpsons?


#podcastlifestyle #beerlife #podcast

Show 714 - Run to the hills

Iron Maiden is not in the Rock and Roll hall of fame????? Who would you want to see on a revival of the Surreal Life? Ryan P Freeman joins us for a very jovial episode!  Enjoy!

Show 713 - A Lawless Time!

We are surviving a polar vortex!  The early 2000s were a lawless time when it comes to television!  

Show 712 - Dorm Daze!

Hollyanne is under the weather! Chris and James are on a roll! What eating establishments do we miss? What is it like to live in dorm in the 90s?

Show 711- Carlos the Tall!

You asked for it you got it! The writer of the theme song to our show Carlos the Tall is live with us! Also Chris is a total seltzer boy!  Holly is missing a certain food, and Smiley dodged a bullet!

Show 710- A 10Drink Miracle!

Chris got a house and Hollyanne has a big announcement!

Show 709 - What is the fad!

Seltzers are all the rage, but what about all those old alcohol fads from back in the day!  Chris has a new dog show!  Hollyanne has a huge announcement for next week! Why is Smiley wearing glasses!


#abqtrue #abqpodcast #podcast

Show 708- That was stupid

What is the stupidest thing you have done while drinking? Hollyanne is solving crimes!

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