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Show 705 - Nontoxic Holidays!

Chris is tired of APD Helicopters.  You don't have to have holidays with shitty people anymore!  What is the worst state for DUIs?  What is a good show to watch during covid?


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Show 704 - Bell’s Brewing and The Storehouse New Mexico!

We have the number one Brewery in the US on the show!  Bells Brewing is donating $8000 to New Mexico Food Pantries! So we brought Jill Beets from The Storehouse Nm and Silas Sims from Bell's Brewery on to talk about it!  In the second hour we start dissecting what we should see, taste, and smell in a beer from Monica Mondragon!


#Bellsbrewing #newmexico #storehouse

Show 703 - Essential Podcasting

Laundry mats are essential except in Nebraska.  We talk Muppets! Have you seen Haute Dog!  Lots of SNL talk.

Show 702 - When the House burned down!

Here at 10 Drink Minimum we love original ideas and art.  If you are one that steals ideas and passes them off as your own you are the worst kind of person in the world!  With that we love our listeners and those that support creativity as an art form! Support the Barelas Podcasters Guild!

Show 701- Dos Spookqueños

It's Halloween and it's time for some great ghost stories!  We brought our sister show from the Barelas Podcasters guild on as it is their expertise!  If you like ghost related content check out the show Dos Spookquenos!  If you like true crime then check out their other show True Consequences!

Show 700 - Work Buzzed!

The first hour it's all about the booze!  The second hour Smiley and Holly try to tell Chris what scary movies he needs to get into for October! Enjoy!

Show 699 - Rivals!

Go New Mexico United! We talk about Bill Burr and true crime!

Show 698 Part 2 - The Wavy Hour!

After the Joe Anderson interview the 10 Drink gang goes into the wavy hour with many questions answered and new questions to ponder.

Show 698 - Joe Anderson

Albuquerque music promoter Joe Anderson joins the show to talk about the future of the live music industry!

Show 697 - Postponed

What is the first concert you guys will see when Covid is over?  What movies got postponed in 2020?  

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