10 Drink Minimum

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Show 764 - The truth is in the Tour!

Chris sits down with Billy Bellmont to talk about what it is really like to tour in a band! 

Show 763 - Muffin-walloper

Hollyanne is out sick!  Chris and Smiley try some old speak!  As a show we don't really care for marathons.  Than you Bird of Paradise for giving us booze!

Show 762 - The Harvard Slums

The whole crew is back in the studio!  We have Leroy Sandoval from the band Slums of Harvard on to mix it up with us! Smiley's chest hairs are sore.  

Show 761- Ocean Water

Chris and Hollyanne bring you all the funs!  Weed is legal in New Mexico.  We have the Sonic Seltzers!  Some Will Smith talk!

Show 760 - The Announcement!

Chris takes a look into his future!  Sarah and Kelly stop by to drop a bomb of an announcement on downtown Albuquerque!

Show 759 - Sexy shafts!

Smiley is not feeling well so we bring in the next best thing!  Billy Bellmont has returned!  This show gets sexy!

Show 758 - Nugget Brunch!

Our good friend Nugget, (AKA Victoria Gonzales) is on a special brunch show full of nuggets and Mimosas!  Victoria is an artist, event planner, social Media guru, and horticulturist to name a few of her endeavors!

Show 757 - Poetic Justice

On this episode of 10 Drink Minimum we have author Kristian Macaron on the show! She is here to talk about her new book of poetry, "Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other!"

Show 756 - A Dandee of a Time!

Old enemy of the show Dandee Fleming drops by and ruins our show! You could cut the tension in the studio with a knife!

Show 755 - Pound Town!

Abel Gonzalez from the band Lowmello is live with us, and we all go to POUND TOWN! 

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