10 Drink Minimum

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Show 696 - Sarah kennedy

Comedian, podcaster, writer Sarah Kennedy is on the show!  We check in with the Albuquerque comedy legend, and talk all things local!

Live from Santa Fe Brewing - The Lil Nitro Challenge!

This podcast was recorded at Santa Fe Brewing and is best viewed.  Here is the link to our youtube channel if you want to see some of the pain- 


In this episode The Santa Fe Brewing crew decided to take the Lil Nitro Challenge which is known as "The Worlds hottest Gummy Bear!" There is heat, and at some point Ever clear is involved! We have Alana-SFBC General Manager/Beer Queen, Brandan Losack - Lead cellarman, Alex Schlotterbeck - Lab Tech, and Dave Merkin Ahern-Seronde - Brewer/ Research and Development.



Show 695 -The Barelas Podcast Guild!

We have Lindsey Freeman Dominguez on the show.  She is a host on What's up ABQ podcast, and Parenting vs Podcasting.  She is also one of the founding members of The Barelas Pod casters Guild!  Great but long show!  Enjoy!


Show 694 - Traveling man

Smiley is back from his travels!  Chris thinks they should protect the New Mexico borders!  Hollyanne is home schooling!

Show 693 Support your local bartender!

One of our favorite bartenders passed away!  All the love Ken Reiss! In honor of Ken we tell you what the unspoken rules of hanging in a bar! Enjoy!

Show 692 - Roll with the changes

Ray has decided to step down from the show in order to take care of some personal things. We wish him all the best and he is welcome back anytime!  So we brought in our good friend Ming Chen from a Shared Universe studio to be our co host!  

Show 691- Face the Music

The gang talks music!  Who is a band that people like that you hate?  Who is a band that people crap on that you like?  RIP Wilford Brimley.  What are two great albums that are great from beginning to end?

Show 690 When things go off the rails!

So Chris learned never!  Never ask your co hosts what is the weirdest thing they have ever eaten.

Chris Solo Show - 14 years of podcasting!

Chris has done the show for 14 years this month!  Here is a solo podcast with some memories.  Some Q and A.  A terrible telling of the history of the show, and some old friends joining in the chat.  Enjoy!

Show 689 It’s all about the Mead!

We drink, but we have not really ever had Mead!  So we bring Mead maker Kimberley Mo on the show.  She makes competitive mead and is hear to teach us all about it.

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