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Show 741- Loss of interest

Chris's parents are in town!  There is a tragedy in NM Film. We lost a couple of chunks of the audio due to internet issues. 

Show 740 - Ready to Drink!

Chris Leurig from Safe house Distilling is back with us in the studio!  He has 3 new ready to drink craft cocktails for us to try!  

Show 739 - Funny Fiesta!!!!!

Sarah Kennedy is back to talk about Funny Fiesta 2021! Chris and Hollyanne got accosted! Smiley is no longer young.

Show 738 - The Train!

Chris has an out of this world time with a music legend!  Chris and Hollyanne dislike the Balloon Fiesta, Smiley likes it!

Show 737 - The Citizen Kane of Blank!

Chris and Holly got to hang out at a wedding reception! Smiley is kind of here! A woman is set on fire!

Show 736 - Ray Yay No!!!!!!

Something is wrong with the water folks! Interlopers can't order food. What are you watching!

Show 735 - Night of the Living Cover Bands Line up reveal!

It's almost that time of the year!  Launchpads Barney Lopez is here to announce the lineups for Night of the Living Cover Bands!

Show 734- You‘ve got some nerve

Chris gets petty!  Holly has some nerve, and James skips school!

10DM Happy Hour- Special show on a Saturday night

Chris is back home and is in the studio for a special live Saturday show with his friend Kale! Chris tells some Pizza secrets of the industry and tells some stories from his week in El Paso!

Show 733 - Joe No Mo!

The 10 Drink crew has to come to terms with losing our favorite dive bar!  We read lots of one start reviews from Joes!.  Also we need a new best dive bar in ABQ! Tell us what it is!

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