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Show 686 - Secret Albuquerque!

We have on Ashley M. Biggers on the show! Author of the book Secret Albuquerque A guide to the weird, wonderful, and obscure!  It's a really great book that shows off some of the amazing hidden gems that our city has to offer. Double thumbs up from Chris for sure!  A great guide to anyone traveling to Albuquerque as a tourist, and for those that live here and want to rediscover how awesome our city is!

Show 685 The Smiley Chronicles

Smiley returns and we do a special Q and A with him.  Get all your questions finally answered!

Show 684 - Smiley is M.I.A.!

We don't know where Smiley is at!  So we give the listeners a little inside of what Smiley is like as a person.  In the second hour it's all food.  We talk about a local staple called Allsups convenience stores, and we talk fast food breakfast. Enjoy!


Edit: Smiley is okay!  I have spoken with him.  He was under the weather and thanks you all for worrying about him.  Thank you to all that reached out to ask if he was okay.

Special Q and A show with Chris Part 2

Oh I don't know just another Q and A!  Thanks for the questions!  I really enjoy these and I appreciate all of you that listen to this show!

Show 683 - What’s Right

10 Drink Minimum as a collective supports Black lives matter!  

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