10 Drink Minimum

Hosted by Chris, Hollyanne, and Smiley. A beer and lifestyle show set to the background of Albuquerque New Mexico! We talk pop culture, and what it’s like living in the Duke City!

April 26th, 2020    

Show 678 - The Sacrifice!

We have our old friend Billy Bellmont join us from Washington D.C.  What would you give up for life to go back to normal?  

April 19th, 2020    

Show 677 - Alejandro Montoya Marin

We have writer/director Alejandro Montoya Marin on the show!  He was on Robert Rodriguez's TV show Rebel without a crew, where he made the movie Monday! He has a new short film called Perps, which is free on youtube and you can find it here!

April 12th, 2020    

Show 676 - Better Call Lynette

Our good friend Lauren Poole joins the quarantine show to let us know how things are going!  We talk about her rolls on Better Call Saul, the movie Frank, and her run as the youtube character Lynette!  Enjoy!

April 7th, 2020    

Show 675 - The Return

Broken Trail's Matt Simonds returns to the show for the first hour.  Then we have a surprise old co host come in and help with the show!


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