10 Drink Minimum

Hosted by Chris, Hollyanne, and Smiley. A beer and lifestyle show set to the background of Albuquerque New Mexico! We talk pop culture, and what it’s like living in the Duke City!

June 24th, 2018    

Show 611- Out of PBR!!!

There is a PBR shortage/ They are delivering beer in Texas/ Steampunk is bunk/ making swords on youtube

June 11th, 2018    

Show 610- What is my number?

Billy is going to stop drinking/You don't know anyones phone number/More Whiteclaw talk/What is a Paleta?

June 10th, 2018    

Show 609-Shave your head!

Morgan McLain is here to talk about St Baldricks/ James will shave his head if we raise $100/Whiteclaw is the new drink!


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