10 Drink Minimum

Hosted by Chris, Hollyanne, and Smiley. A beer and lifestyle show set to the background of Albuquerque New Mexico! We talk pop culture, and what it’s like living in the Duke City!

April 24th, 2016    

EPISODE 556 Purple Reign - 10 drink minimum

A King they called Prince has fallen and now we move on without an heir to the throne

April 17th, 2016    

EPISODE 555 Hamburgers Hour 2 - 10 drink minimum

In hour 2 Chris tells us about Miami. Axl Rose is the new lead singer of AC/DC!

April 17th, 2016    

EPISODE 555 Hamburgers Hour 1 - 10 drink minimum

Apparently we are hungry during this show. Everything comes back to Hamburgers

April 3rd, 2016    

EPISODE 554 Shorty - 10 drink minimum

We do a short show for you guys. Batman vs Superman, Burger King hot dogs, and a whole lot more


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