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Show 674 Direct from Jersey!

Live from behind the quarantine line! The 10 Drink gang is doing well and we bring in a mystery guest, from our past.  We answer lots of questions about what life is like for us during the pandemic.  Enjoy and share your only fans code with us!

Show 673 We get knocked down

It is the first episode of the quarantine. What are we doing with all this free time? Are they okay? It was our first time using Zoom and it worked out great! Thanks Ming Chen from A Shared Universe.

Show 672 Master of the Manhattan!

Brandon Smith joins the show!  He works at Founders speakeasy and he is the winner of the Woodford Reserve Master of the Manhattan! Also Hamster sits in for our missing co hosts and we learn he has a new brewing gig!



Show 671 Friday Night Lights

Everything is canceled in the world so we did a special Friday night live.  In studio we have Barney Lopez from the Red Light Cameras, form radio and TV personality Dan Mayfield, and from the Duke City Gladiators Dello Davis!  For the second hour we are joined by Black Out Theaters Andee Schree.



All during the quarantine if you want us to promote your small business contact us at facebook.com/10drink and we will talk about it on the air.




Show 670 Amanda Machon Returns!

Amanda Machon is here!  She is the lead singer for the Red Light Cameras and does a great Selena impersonation! We try Spahget for the first time!  Smiley forgot to set his clocks forward.  




Show 669 ABQ Brew

We have Zion from the subscription service Abq Brew on the show!  James is making a special cocktail from an item you can find in a vending machine!

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